DeKalb Election Commisssion
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DeKalb County Election Commission

The DeKalb County Election Commission is responsible for conducting all federal, state and municipal elections in the county. All elections are held in compliance with State and Federal election laws. Other responsibilities include voter registration, candidate qualification, candidate petitions, legal notices, campaign financial record maintenance, ballot preparation, poll worker training, and voting machine maintenance.

On Election Day in DeKalb County Polls Open at 8 AM & Close at 7 PM

Dekalb County Residents Voting

On Election Day in DeKalb County Polls
Open at 8 AM & Close at 7 PM


  • Secure the freedom and purity of the ballot
  • Secure a correct and accurate count of ballots cast
  • Allow voters the freedom to cast their vote in secret, without fear,  intimidation or influence.


  • Voting is the heart of our democratic system. Voting shows your support for our democratic form of government.
  • Voting expresses your opinion.
  • Many lives have been lost in the fight for the right to vote. Voting signifies the struggle was worthwhile.


There will be a period of Early Voting before most elections. There are no special requirements to vote early, every registered voter is entitled to Early Vote. All Early Voting is done at the Election Commission office. Please see the Election Calendar for specific dates.

All early voting is in the Basement Courtroom, DeKalb County Courthouse, Public Square, Smithville. All registered voters are eligible to vote early. For specific dates and times, please see the Election Calendar.


We are working to make each polling place handicapped accessible. If you have a question about a particular polling place, or wish to report a problem with accessibility, please call 615-597-4146.

If your polling place is inaccessible, you have the right to vote at the election commission office on Election Day. Written notice of your intent is required 10 days before the first election you vote in.

Election Day Voting Locations
  • 1-1 Alexandria map
  • 1-2 Temperance Hall map
  • 2-1 Liberty map
  • 2-3 Snow Hill map
  • 3-1 Smithville Church of God map
  • 4-2 Rock Castle map
  • 4-3 Courthouse map
  • 5-1 Johnson Chapel map
  • 5-2 County Complex map
  • 6-2 Keltonburg map
  • 6-3 Blue Springs map
  • 7-1 Church of Christ Annex map

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